Ellam Mela Irukkavan Pathuppan 2023

Ellam Mela Irukuravan Paathupan is a Tamil fantasy movie written and directed by U Kaviraj starring Aari and Shaashvi Bala in the lead roles. Debutant director U. Kaviraj has conceptualised the sci-fi movie in which an alien and a human being battle it out for a highly valued creation from outer space that could change the fate of mankind. The film is a story of a young man who discovers a cube which can save soil fertility with highly-advanced technology. But the cube is also wanted by aliens and villains who want it for destructive purposes. Will Aari save mankind with the help of the cube? Or will the villains and aliens beat him to it? Ellam Mela Irukkavan Pathuppan Full Tamil Drama Movie in HD only on TamilPlay

Duration: 131 min

Quality: HD


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